August 31, 2020

Performance of three companies in the hydrogen space

Reprinted from Shares Magazine

The following is an extract from an article in Shares Magazine in August of last year, which tracked the share performance of 3 companies directly involved in the hydrogen space, one company seeing a 10 fold increase in its share price.

‘There’s a general consensus that electrification of energy is pretty much central to any solution to combating climate change and protecting the environment, and now more than ever hydrogen is increasingly being recognised as a key part of that process.

Hydrogen is increasingly being seen as central to getting us to a net zero carbon world by 2050. The gas has a wide range of uses, and can be used to store energy, heat homes, decarbonise the heavier, dirtier industries like cement, steel, glass and petrochemicals, and has the ability to generate electricity.

There’s also a realisation that clean hydrogen can play a vital role in balancing the future energy system because it can be created from renewable energy such as wind and solar during periods of oversupply via water electrolysers, but can create energy through fuel cells when that intermittent energy generation is low.

None of all this would matter if the technology to make it happen wasn’t ready, but it is now with companies starting to reach commercialisation of things like fuel cells and electrolysers – two key enablers for using clean hydrogen – while the rapidly rising adoption of renewable energy is also helping companies integrate hydrogen to the way they do things to help them decarbonise their activities.